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Presentation of CoCoSi to foreign diplomats

27 maj 2013

On Friday, 24.5.2013 in Spodnja Idrija in Kenda Manson Competence centres that link and perform under the name CoCoSi - Competence centres of Slovenia presented themselves to foreign diplomats.


The introduction was addressed by the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Dr. Jernej Pikalo, highlighting the importance of research and scientific work and the efficiency of investments in these areas. He pointed out that the multiplier effects of investments in these areas, particularly in relation to the car industry and industrial partners, are significantly higher than the long-only investment in infrastructure. This is also the case with competence centers, which are instruments designed to promote concentration of knowledge and skills in key areas of technology that are the most strategically important for Slovenia.

Competence centers bring together partners from industry and the public research sector in order to enhance the development potential and the use of new technologies to develop new, competitive products, services and processes. In centers a leading role is played by companies which connect with the best research groups. But what makes the centers particularly current are private investment that encourage them, as companies and institutions invest in programs of the centers on average about 40% of the their own market funds.

According to the Minister existing mechanisms will continue and the ministry also works on that would be in the new financial perspectives provide funding for centers of competence, as an example of successful integration of Slovenian industry and academia, with beautiful prospects of success at the international level. Concrete support for the competence center in his speech gave the mag. Conflicts of interest exist, Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Competence centers are managed and administered by private non-profit institutions, and which bring together companies and research institutes in the form of a consortium, as in his opinion convince you that it was the government's decision to support centers of excellence, competence centers and regional development centers, he says. All three mechanisms linking the best scientific teams, the most enterprising companies and most innovative researchers from industry.

A key factor for success of competence centers is laso this that they consist of above-average Slovenian exporters and pervasive public research institutes, which together demonstrate that industry, entrepreneurship and cutting-edge science and research can be an excellent target and engage and have concrete results.

Competence centers are supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, as well as the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. In addition, the competence centers became recognizable in the context of ministry activities, in particular their economic diplomacy.

At the moment there are seven active competence centers in Slovenia:

  • KC BME - Biomedical Engineering,
  • KC BRIN - The Competence Center for Biotechnological Development and Innovation,
  • KC CLASS - CLoud ASsisted Services
  • KC OpComm - The Internet of Things and open communication platform for the integration of services,
  • KC STV - The competence Center for Advanced Control Technologies,
  • KC SURE - Advanced Systems of Efficient Use of Electrical Energy
  • KC TIGR - Competence center for sustainable and innovative construction.

In their presentations, the Heads of the Competence centers presented the areas in which they work, highlighting the main competences and technologies that are the result of the work and at the end also the main prototypes of future products and services that enterprises will prepare for global markets. The vast majority of these results is the result of team work, not only between companies and research institutions, but also between different companies. This is especially important at a time when businesses have to connect more and more efficiently combine to achieve a proper storage capacity of acting on the global markets. Too often in Slovenia we create excellent products and solutions using local sense, as we like to write, but in global markets still too few are also sold. This is also one of the main tasks and activities of the competence centers.

The centers are open for integration with other Slovenian companies, research departments, institutions and foreign partners in these seven areas. You can get all the information on how to connect with them and work together on their sites or via e-mail address info@kc-class.eu.

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