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Nabor programskih rešitev, ki smo jih razvili ali prilagodili in so prosto dostopne ter na voljo za uporabo v oblaku KC-Class.

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Start:Cloud 2013


P1: Infrastructure as a service – IaaS

Monitoring your cloud

Identification and tracking of whirls in simulated velocity fields for pumps development

Single sign-on solution for a cloud infrastructure

System for automated infrastructure monitoring

Solutions for registration, authentication and authorization

P2: Platform as a Service – PaaS

From News to Events

Cloud based e-care solution for elderly people

Large-scale urban areas solar potential estimation

Orcinus and Caliper - CapeDwarf -Running Google App Engine apps on-premise

Synchronization of cached configuration data in the clustered application server environments

Real-time processing of large quantities of data

The implementation of mobile application for the visualization of the data

P3: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Multi-modal biometric recognition in the cloud (a case study)

Platform for SaaS applications integration, migration and backup

The implementation of the common interface for managing multimedia

Generic services for supporting web stores

P4: Sustainable Growth and Quality of Life Support

Great evolution: from CRM to CCRM

P5: E-Learning Services in the Cloud

Cloud Based E-learning and Knowledge Management Platform

Preparation of interactive e-learning content in the cloud in a sustainable manner

»c3e.eu«: Certified Cloud Computing Engineer – technical training and certification

P6: Logistics in the Cloud

Intra-logistics in the cloud (AtlasWMS)

P7: E-Health and e-Environment Services in the Cloud

Using cloud assisted services for modeling, managing and analyzing medical processes

iZdrav - e(m)Health cloud solution

Informatization of smart cities management with the support of cloud computing

P8: Big Data overview and architecture design

Big Data overview and architecture design

P9: Location-based smart city mobile services

Location-based smart city mobile services

P10: Mobile application to discover events happening

Mobile application to discover events happening

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