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Self-similar scaling of density in complex real-world networks

BLAGUS, Neli, ŠUBELJ, Lovro, BAJEC, Marko. Self-similar scaling of density in complex real-world networks. Physica, A. [Print ed.], 2012, vol. 391, no. 8, str. 2794-2802, ilustr. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378437111009915


Despite their diverse origin, networks of large real-world systems reveal a number of common properties including small-world phenomena, scale-free degree distributions and modularity. Recently, network self-similarity as a natural outcome of the evolution of real-world systems has also attracted much attention within the physics literature. Here we investigate the scaling of density in complex networks under two classical box-covering renormalizations–network coarse-graining–and also different community-based renormalizations. The analysis on over 50 real-world networks reveals a power-law scaling of network density and size under adequate renormalization technique, yet irrespective of network type and origin. The results thus advance a recent discovery of a universal scaling of density among different real-world networks [P.J. Laurienti, K.E. Joyce, Q.K. Telesford, J.H. Burdette, S. Hayasaka, Universal fractal scaling of self-organized networks, Physica A 390 (20) (2011) 3608–3613] and imply an existence of a scale-free density also within–among different self-similar scales of–complex real-world networks. The latter further improves the comprehension of self-similar structure in large real-world networks with several possible applications.